Niche 4 Simple Steps for Effective SoundCloud Music Promotion

Music is an integral part of our life and most of us are passionate about it. If you have planned to start out as a musician, you must have spent all your time writing lyrics and composing the songs. But, if you want to spread your songs to a wide range of audiences in the world, you must know more than to create great tracks. The knowledge to efficiently market your tracks in the web world is imperative. It is also the shortest way to promote your sounds without shelling any money.SoundCloud is the number one platform for worldwide artists to gain recognition for their tunes. There are around millions of users in this audio-streaming site that offers the chance for more exposure. A decade ago, music promotion was a hassle, but now it’s an easy task. In this audio-sharing site, you can easily gain as many followers and likes as you want to widespread your popularity.

Many major musicians are also on SoundCloud due to its wide reach and influence. It is a great platform for them to construct great tracks and spread them. For effective music marketing, you must be able to identify your target audiences and develop your goal as a tunesmith. As we all know, the shortest way to promote your songs is to hire an agency or company, but if you’re doing it on your own, then you must follow these points.Mandatory Marketing Plan:It is rather important to develop a marketing plan as it is a guide that can help you attain your goals. With a plan you can easily understand your next step, but without it, there is a high chance of losing focus and getting diverted from your goal. Therefore, it is compulsory to have a solid direction with an unwavering determination to promote your music on a competitive platform.Sharing is More than Caring:When it comes to music, all of us have shared our favorite songs with others. Likewise, sharing on SoundCloud is essential to gain popularity and recognition in the massive music community. SoundCloud Music Promotion is the ultimate way to promote tracks and get more followers, reposts and downloads. Along with SoundCloud, you can further share it on other popular social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.Follow to become a Leader:Following is one of the best ways to get noticed. When you follow someone on SoundCloud, they are notified and most likely to return the favor by following you back. Even if they don’t follow, they checkout your profile and like your tracks. However, it is important to ensure that you’re following people in the same music genre or style as you, so that they appreciate your work. Moreover, it is recommended to be genuine when you follow, don’t just follow to spread your tracks.

Grasp the Power of Consistency:The best of profiles can become unnoticed due to lack of consistency. If you are not dedicated to your music sharing, then your profile can go silent. Thus, it is smart to become consistent and upload fresh sounds that creates a niche for you, establishes your reputation and makes you discoverable on SoundCloud. Besides, this is a great way to form a consistent relationship with your listeners and audiences worldwide.

Niche What Are Long Tail Keywords and How Do They Work?

LONG TAIL KEYWORDS – WHAT IT ACTUALLY MEANSLong tail keywords are those three and four keyword phrases which are very, very specific to whatever you are selling. You see, whenever a customer uses a highly specific search phrase, they tend to be looking for exactly what they are actually going to buy. In virtually every case, such very specific searches are far more likely to convert to sales than general generic searches that tend to be geared more toward the type of research that consumers typically do prior to making a buying decision.To help illustrate this phenomenon, let’s take a look at the typical step-by-step buying path that a customer travels on the way to a making a purchase.1. Consumer becomes aware of a product.2. Consumer seeks information about that product in preparation for possible purchase.3. Consumer evaluates alternatives to product (features, pricing, etc… ).4. Consumer makes their purchase decision.5. Consumer pulls out their credit card and completes the transaction.6. Consumer then evaluates the product after buying it and decides if they want to keep or return it.Using the above six step path to a purchase as our model, you can probably already see that you want to target the consumer who is somewhere around step four…
Consumer makes their purchase decision…. because once they have made their decision to buy something, that’s when they start using very specific search phrases to seek out their target purchase.

Now for the GOOD news…
Highly specific multi-word phrases tend to be far easier to rank well for than the more generic single keyword or double keyword phrases.Here’s a specific example. Let’s say your site sells guided mountain climbing tours in B.C. At first, you might consider targeting a generic phrase like travel. After all, an adventure tour is generally the type of excursion people like to participate in while traveling on vacation.However, if you tried to go after that phrase, you’d be facing direct competition from really big sites like Trivago ot Tavelocity etc… you get the idea… It’s unlikely you’d be able to knock any of those sites out of the top unless you’re willing to invest a pile of money and a mountain of time.But, even more importantly, travel isn’t the best phrase for you to target anyway. That’s because many people who search using that phrase are looking for items such as plane tickets, ocean cruises or just doing very general research on where they might like to go. They’re probably not saying to themselves… “I’m looking for someone who sells guided tours for beginners to climb Grouse Mountain while I’m in Vancouver so I can take my family on a fun adventure this summer.”If they were, they’d be entering something other than travel.That’s the concept of long tail keywords…
Here are a few highly specific keyphrases that relate to customers who are much later in the buying cycle – at least at step three, probably at step four and possibly step five:• BC mountain climbing tours• beginner mountain climbing in BC or British Columbia• guided mountain climbing tours• Grouse Mountain family climbing toursOf course, these are just a few examples. I’m sure you could think of many more. However, the point is twofold;1. The long tail keywords are much easier to rank for.2. People who search by using long tail keywords are far more likely to become buyers!More good news…
Of course this suggests that you should be creating pages that zero in on snagging searchers who use long tail keywords. And, since there are potentially so many different long tail combinations that searchers may use to buy what you offer, that means you’ll likely be creating more pages.Well, the good news is that Google likes sites that have more pages. It makes the site look more substantial, more natural, and even more real in the eyes of the world’s most popular search engine. Bear in mind that your “unique” pages need only be variants of your main offering(s) but focused on a specific long tail niche.Therefore, each and every page will have a unique title, description meta tag, h1 header tag, and body content that emphasizes your offering by using the long tail keyword that you choose for each specific page. It isn’t rocket science, but it sure does work well to snag consumers at the optimum stage of the buying process!

So, instead of focusing on just two or three highly competitive general keywords, target the dozens or even hundreds of easy-to-rank-for long tail keywords.Also bear in mind, however, that the downside of focusing too much effort on the long tail is, if you target phrases which are too specific, you might not get enough traffic to sustain your business. That’s why it’s best to have:• a few pages sending you large amounts of less targeted traffic, and• a large number of pages with each sending you small amounts of highly targeted traffic.But overall, it’s best to think of it this way; would you rather rank for one keyword which sent you 1000 visitors a day or 200 keyphrases, half of which sent you 1 buyer a day?After you do the math you’ll see that 100 buyers are much better than 1000 site visitors who are only doing research. And there is no question that the use of ultra-specific keywords demonstrate a greater intent to buy on the part of the customer. This simply leads to more sales which is, of course, what you are really after.I hope that this is helpful to you as you fine tune your digital strategy!

Niche If You Are Not Keeping Up, Then You Will Be The Last

Whether you like it or not, the internet has changed everything. What used to be a myth has now becoming a money printing machine for many people. It is no doubt that to make money from the internet is very real.There has never been a better time to start your own internet business (the digital information business). It is because more and more people are turning to the internet for information. The best part is that, not only this big group of people are looking for free information, they are willing to pay a big amount of money to exchange for information! Just to think of this it drives the excitement over the roof!The notion that to make money from the internet is dying, is obviously a wrong perception. The chance of making millions with nothing except your computer and internet connection is very alive, and it will only grow stronger everyday. Today is even better to create and start to run your own internet business than it was few years back.

Take a serious look at this: 10 or 20 years back, if you want to search for information on a particular subject, the local library or bookstore is your only option. If there was new information emerged to the surface, it will take about 20 months just to get it published! By the time the information is ready to be open to the market, the information is no longer the latest information. That will be information of 20 months ago.But now? We are in the modern information era! Everything is simply just a click away. Those who possess information and have the ability to widespread it the fastest are the ones who are very likely to be the next millionaire or billionaire!So it is time to take a serious look at an internet marketing business, especially in the field of digital information business. The advantage? It makes me more and more excited just to list it out for you.

Low cost startup. It could be as easy as leveraging other people’s hard work by promoting their products and you earn the commission.

The earning margin has no ceiling. You can promote many products to the same person that you promoted last month. Moreover, you can expand to many niches and websites. Unlike brick and mortar business where you are limited to that particular shop only. Want to expand? Let’s fork out another half a million to set up another brick and mortar business.

More and more people are using the internet marketing model to achieve time and financial freedom. It is a beautiful business model because you can put your internet business in automation, and earn money for you even if you are not working on it at that time. Want some example? How about earning money when you are travelling with you loved one?

I know you will get excited about it.